Artists & More

Carefully crafted sounds come together into one amazing party.

  • A-C Leonte

    Live Electronic Band from Bucharest

  • Abasc

    Deephouse DJ from Bucharest

  • Akos

    From disco to techno DJ from Cluj-Napoca

  • Alex HG

    DJ from Cluj

  • Basil Brooks

    Oldschool DJ and synth player from UK

  • Bogman

    Hip Hop DJ aka 'Tata Urs'

  • Cristu

    Disco DJ from Bucharest

  • Dannilov

    DJ with deep vinyl-only sets from Cluj-Napoca

  • Darai Lama

    Founder at Gazette & DJ from Cluj-Napoca

  • Dex

    DJ from Brașov

  • Dodo

    Techno & House DJ, present in many famous events

  • Dubase

    DJ based in Oradea

  • EMAP

    DJ from Constanța

  • Filiera Fonică

    DJs group from Baia Mare

  • Flaviu Moldovan

    DJ from Cluj Napoca

  • Genmaica

    DJs group from Cluj Napoca

  • Glu

    DJ based in UK

  • Heion

    Electrofunk&Disco DJ from Bucharest

  • Homeboy LDJ

    DJ from Brașov

  • Ilie

    DJ based in Berlin

  • Indjstione

    Hip Hop, Disco & Funk DJ from Cluj-Napoca

  • James O'Connell

    Resident DJ at FUMP - For Underground Music People (UK)

  • Ken Kuusk

    Estonian DJ who's been living everywhere across the planet.

  • Kosta

    From deep, tech to jazzy, afro DJ

  • Kris Percy

    The Canadian/Danish half of the Sleazy Beats Recordings head honchos.

  • Lucu Chen

    Dub Techno DJ at Gazette, Cluj-Napoca

  • LVNF

    Hip Hop & Electronic DJ at Gazette

  • Musai

    Ambient & Electronic DJ from Transylvania

  • N'djinn

    Electronic DJ from Berlin

  • Nick the Record

    Afro Disco and sun-kissed tropical rarities to Soul & electronic gems

  • Nihill

    House, Deep house & Techno DJ from Cluj-Napoca

  • Pa Lee

    DJ from Cluj-Napoca

  • Papa B

    DJ from Bucharest

  • Razvan Mate

    DJ from Sibiu

  • Reco

    Founder of Wild Stylers Collective, Cluj-Napoca

  • Robert Bratu

    DJ based in UK

  • Ryan Dank

    DJ based in UK

  • Seme

    DJ at Gazette, Cluj-Napoca

  • Slim Rocka

    DJ based in Cluj-Napoca

  • Slothboogie

    Record label, DJ crew, parties, guest mixes and exclusive premieres.

  • STF

    Rap/hip-hop, electro, dance and disco DJ

  • Super User

    Romanian collector and selector with a knack for everything house.

  • TCFC

    DJ trio from Bucharest

  • Thatmanmonkz

    aka Mack Daddy, recording artist, DJ&Producer from UK

  • Tight Cherry

    DJ based in Berlin

  • Tomi Rzvn

    House & Techno DJ from Cluj-Napoca

  • Tzuc

    DJ influenced of dub, african music and jazz from Bucharest

  • UFe

    DJ from Bucharest

  • Ugly Astronaut

    Jazzy instrumental sound based DJ from Cluj-Napoca

  • Un Guru

    DJ based in Transylvania

  • Zada

    Afro, disco & house DJ from Bucharest, host of Cocodubs

  • Zo

    Dub, reggae & dubstep DJ from Cluj-Napoca