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Road Runner Society Association or Road Runner, as we like to say, is founded by a group of young people with management skills in educational and cultural areas. Since the beginning Road Runner had the mission to promote artistic and cultural experiment as a lifestyle and support sustainable and responsible development in the rural areas through activism and facilitation of economic growth.

We have actively participated in the development process of the Maramureș-Chioar area through our projects, which focus on rural revival through educational, touristic and cultural events. Durușa SummerHills is on our agenda since 2010, although the first editions (2010-2012) weren't advertised to the public eye.

The festival gained its reputation on the market as a small-size event with trustworthy picks of artists and partners.

Durușa SummerHills Principles:

  • Supporting the alternative and sustainable way of natural resource exploitation.
  • Integrating art and culture as rural development instruments.
  • Promoting a grateful attitude towards the use of natural resources and the surroundings.
  • Developing an active and vocal rural community.


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